Many times, young film students and uninformed movie enthusiasts forget (or just don’t know) that Hollywood is much more than artistic storytelling and mind-blowing special effects on screen; behind the scenes, the film industry is a business that relies heavily on financial management, marketing strategy, organizational leadership, and $$$ just like any other industry.

MovieNomics seeks to spotlight the business behind filmmaking by creating and curating content that is relevant to today’s Hollywood business environment. We are a crew of business and film school students, graduates, and working professionals dedicated to providing material that is educational, analytical, and entertaining about entertainment.


We are currently looking to add more writers to our team. If you think you got good material, send it on over.


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Our Poem

Dear Movie Buffs, Colleagues, Readers and Friends,
You must be a tastemaker and up on the trends
Cause you’re one of the first, to grace our little site
So explore Troubadour! Cause we think you’re alright!
(Troubadour definition HERE.)
“Movienomics? What’s that?” You stare at me confused.
It’s the business of film kid, you should be ENTHUSED.
Cause behind the creative, behind all the flash
Is the MBA stuff and the mountains of cash.
What are you waiting for? click HERE to start.
Enjoy commerce combined with the filmmaking art!