Author Isaac

Creative Entrepreneurship

Ask any producing student in film school what they want to be and the answer will mostly like be “Creative Producer”. However, there is a new word in town that sounds much cooler: CREATIVE ENTREPRENEUR.  It might sound like just another buzz word, but the future belongs to those that can be creative and entrepreneurial. Continue Reading

The Producer’s Free Toolkit

Most producers are the management engine that drives film projects. This often becomes overwhelming, but there are a few tools that can keep you from loosing your mind. Whether you are working with a team of 5 or 100, below I highlight some of the essential tools that all producers should use. These simple solutions […] Continue Reading


This week we bring another  Oscar darling, Michael Haneke’s Amour. The movie about the ultimate test of love: death. As usual with this column we will highlight  artistic testament as well as commercial performance. This week, Amour is at the Crossroads. Logline: Georges and Anne are in their eighties. They are cultivated, retired music teachers. Their […] Continue Reading

Google TV = Opportunity

According to the The WallStreet Journal, Google is trying to enter the TV market by offering an online alternative. Many might see this as a threat to the traditional TV ecosystem. However, this represents an opportunity for advertisers and filmmakers. It can help advertisers target consumers more effectively and increase the demand for TV content […] Continue Reading

Hulu Latino Understands Hispanics

Have you  considered the Hispanic market as your next potential audience? Hulu Latino did, and just released an original 24-episode series”East Los High”. Although the show might have some artistic flaws, it is one of the smartest moves from a major media provider in the past year. Why? According to Nielsen, the Hispanic market is […] Continue Reading