Disney’s Synergy Machine

Nearly 4 years after Disney’s purchase of Marvel, and the first crossover is finally taking place. Disney is taking the next step in integrating Marvel with its other original Disney properties. Boys love superheroes and the Marvel programming block on Disney XD, and they also love Phineas and Ferb. So why not combine them?


Although some would rather keep the two universes separate, I believe it is a great synergistic opportunity for Disney and surprised it took them so long.  The new mashup is called Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel and is set to premiere next Friday, August 16th. Marketing for the new crossover will include games and interactive activities online, a week long count down with Phineas and Ferb episodes, characters promoting the crossover, a digital simulcast, and a purchase download opportunity the following day.



Disney Channel is executing a fully integrated marketing campaign across its different platforms that will guarantee the crossover success for two of its more popular franchises. The Avengers already made some of the less popular heroes stars. With new Marvel movies  in the pipeline, the crossover will continue to grow these characters’ fan base and lead to more box office success.  Disney Channel is the magic behind Disney!


Before Disney Channel, Disney had to rely on its limited movie releases to create a brand affinity with kids. Now it has a global, media powerhouse to promote its brand on a daily basis.  Marc Graser from Variety writes about Disney Channel’s global audience. He says, “[It] includes 107 channels in 166 countries, available in 431.3 million households. Not only is that up 13% from last year [2012], it’s an exponential rise over 2007, when the division had 54 million total viewers in 20 countries.”


Disney Channel has exhibited huge growth worldwide and is introducing children to the Disney brand at a young age. It does a good job of maintaining its quality by either dubbing or changing the show for local taste. In India, they kept the same script for Good Luck Charlie, but modified the title, character names, and added an Indian cast. Disney Channel is Disney’s greatest brand ambassador; it uses its popular characters to promote new movies, shows, and merchandise to kids across the globe. Disney Channel is a synergy machine, so expect more crossovers in the future from within the large Disney portfolio, especially with Marvel and Lucas.


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