DreamWorks Animation: Financial Analysis Part 2

A week ago we started a series on the financial analysis of Dreamworks Animation. Why? Because, it’s important to know everything about the biz & know everything about the company you want to work at. So if you happen to want to work at Dreamworks Animation you are in luck.

But you say: I don’t care about their financials!!!  All I care is about storytelling.

Even if you are only care about telling good stories, you should be aware of how studios operate.  After all, studios are the ones that decide what gets made in Hollywood. It’s in your best interest to know why studios are doing their decisions.

Of course, this article doesn’t explain all the reasons that go into their decisions. However, financial performance is one of the biggest motivations for studios. So, it’s good to learn about their financial structure and decisions.

Part 2

Working Capital Management:
Structure that helps ensure that company has sufficient cash flow in order to meet its short-term debt obligations and operating expenses.

Corporate Debt: The structure & analysis of the corporation’s debt.

Cost of Capital: The cost of debt and the cost of equity.


 Working Capital Management

PDF Version Here

Corporate Debt

PDF Version Here

Cost of Capital

PDF Version Here

The first section can be found here. 
All this information can be found on the SEC site and Dreamwork’s investor page. It’s just a bit more complex.

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