DreamWorks Animation: Financial Analysis Part 3

For some time now, we’ve been presenting a series on the financial management of DreamWorks Animation. As a publicly traded company, the animation studio does a lot more than just produce films and shows for revenue – they raise funds and capital by selling securities through debt and equity.

Up to this point, we’ve discussed DreamWorks Animation’s corporate structure, financial reports, working capital management, and the costs of debt and capital.

Part 3

To continue our analysis, this post, as the third installment of the DreamWorks Animation: Financial Analysis series will cover:

Stock Valuation: theoretical value of a company and its stock

Mergers and Acquisitions: bringing separate companies together to make larger ones

Multinational Operations: how companies divide their operations oversees for financial benefits

Stock Valuation

PDF Version

Mergers and Acquisitions

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Multinational Operations

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The previous sections can be found here. 
All this information can be found on the SEC site and DreamWork’s investor page. It’s just a bit more complex.

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