DreamWorks Animation: Financial Analysis

A very wise professor (who happens to be a super talent agent) gave my class some advice: know everything about the business & know everything about the company you want to work at. So if you happen to want to work at Dreamworks Animation you are in luck. We will be publishing a series of posts regarding Dreamwork’s financial analysis.

Behind the creative and the flash of Hollywood there is financial structure that drives studios. Most of their financial activity is very hidden and hard to find. However, among the studios that provide a bit of “transparency” is Dreamworks Animation

The objective of the series will be to shed some light on the following topics.

  • Understand the financial aspects of the business,
  • Assess the financial ratios of the firm,
  • Review the company’s working capital management,
  • Determine its cost of capital,
  • Develop their own estimate of the company’s valuation,
  • Review the company’s M&A history,
  • Understand it’s multinational operations
  • Review the company’s tax structure and associated benefits, and
  • Develop recommendations to improve the firm’s financial performance and value.

 The Overview

PDF Version Here

Corporate Governance

PDF Version Here

Financial Analysis

PDF Version Here

All this information can be found on the SEC site and Dreamwork’s investor page. It’s just a bit more complex.

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