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If Star Wars Was Released Today: Prologue

Can you imagine if Star Wars was never released in the 70’s and instead was coming out as a summer block buster today?

Would it be successful?

Would it define a generation?

Or would it flop like John Carter?

SW Poster

These are all questions we asked ourselves. In the next Trilogy of Star Wars posts, I will delve deeper into this question.

The posts will focus on: how the movie would be different, the economic implications of realizing it today rather than years ago, and if it would be successful.

This will give us a better look at the conditions that formed Star Wars into the huge franchise it is today and to see if it was indeed in the perfect moment for it to become the giant success that it was or if no matter when it was released it would of been a classic.

So look for Episode One in the next few days and Episode’s Two and Three over the next few weeks.

Find Episode 1 here:

And of course, from the Movienomics team, may the force be with you!

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