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Oscar Cam-PAY-ning

As a grandson and a son of people who have been/are in the Motion Picture and Television industry, I have seen from the inside how things tend to work out in Hollywood. I’m going to get right down to it. Jennifer Lawrence is the hottest girl in Hollywood. I am not talking looks here (though J-Law, you certainly are the hottest girl in the business in my book). She has risen ever since “Winters Bone” to where she is now, an Oscar winner.

Source: HollywoodReporter

Source: HollywoodReporter

Though her performance in “Silver Linings Playbook”, in my opinion, was not as strong as Jessica Chastain’s role in “Zero Dark Thirty”. Though I do want to mention that J-Law was fantastic and certainly is seen as a deserved winner (in fact J-Law I would have voted for you). The part of the equation that certainly might of put her over the top is a business tactic employed by production company’s.

Some would call this Oscar Campaigning others would call it dirty politics, I will call it paying for an Oscar. Ever see the movie “The Producers”? Well that’s exactly how many big producers act in the face of nominations and winning awards.

Can they directly bribe Oscar voters? No, at least not technically, but that’s only if they get caught. But they can take Golden Globe voters on trips into Paris on their jets, which tends to lead to wining a Golden Globe and then tends to lead into getting a nod for a nomination for an Oscar. That is one way and actually a cheaper way to get the nomination nod for an Oscar.

Untitled-4Though lets see where it gets expensive, i’m talking about millions of dollars expensive. Winning an Oscar takes money. Don’t believe me? Next time when the Oscars are right around the corner look at all the commercials and see what a high percentage of them are for Oscar nominated films. Think about it, all of a sudden we get slammed across national television that this movie just got nominated and blah blah blah.

Do you live in Southern California like me? Then you should be even more acutely aware of what I am talking about. NPR plays their version of an Ad from a production company after ever other  news story. Ads are in all the major business an consumer papers and billboards are thrown up for movies that might of been released months ago (think Argo). Its the biggest marketing effort aside from Taco Bells Doritos Tacos! No joke.

Then sit back and connect the dots, its the same large production company’s behind most of the nominees. The small-time ones have no chance, unless they get late backing from someone. Dam, where is the independent process of picking the best winners gone? It sounds like a ton of lobbying from the big companies and the smaller ones suffer as a result. Sound familiar?

Fortunately, most of the winners the production company’s push are the right ones, but there are years I might question a win or two and I always ask the question, what production company was behind this film? Its amazing how consistent I find this answer to be.

So let me be clear, it’s not that I don’t agree with the winners that were chosen, it’s that I disagree with the process

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