Little Miss Sunshine

This Crossroads article will cover another example of a film that used critical acclaim from a festival release to drive a worldwide box office affection; this time for a young pageant princess named Olive. Little Miss Sunshine is a story that follows the Hoover family to a beauty pageant in California. Their R-rated family trip […] Continue Reading

3D Films: A Theater’s Fashion Trend

3D – Some people like it, some people don’t; but personal preferences aside, we should see if 3D is here to stay. 3D, abbreviated for three-dimensional, films are made to enhance the illusion of depth perception. 3D films have existed since 1915, largely regulated to a small niche in the motion picture industry because of […] Continue Reading


This week we bring another  Oscar darling, Michael Haneke’s Amour. The movie about the ultimate test of love: death. As usual with this column we will highlight  artistic testament as well as commercial performance. This week, Amour is at the Crossroads. Logline: Georges and Anne are in their eighties. They are cultivated, retired music teachers. Their […] Continue Reading

Google TV = Opportunity

According to the The WallStreet Journal, Google is trying to enter the TV market by offering an online alternative. Many might see this as a threat to the traditional TV ecosystem. However, this represents an opportunity for advertisers and filmmakers. It can help advertisers target consumers more effectively and increase the demand for TV content […] Continue Reading

Sharknado Takes Media By Storm

So why is everyone in media buzzing about the Syfy original movie Sharknado? It sounds like a terrible movie, and it actually is.  But it’s one of those movies that are so bad it’s good.  It has all the necessary ingredients of a “bad” movie that when done correctly can become an instant inside joke […] Continue Reading

DreamWorks Animation: Financial Analysis Part 4

As our final installment of the DreamWorks Animation Financial Analysis series, this post will tie up our final two sections and provide an executive recommendation. Up to this point, we’ve discussed DreamWorks Animation’s corporate structure, financial reports, working capital management, the costs of debt and capital, stock valuation, mergers and acquisitions, and multinational operations. Part 4 […] Continue Reading