RED Leader Jim Jannard Changes Guard

In a final post on the RED forums, Red Leader and Chief Jim Jannard has announced a change of guard at Irvine, California based RED Digital Cinema.  The former Oakley Inc. founder has passed the duties onto President Jarred Land to command “The Bunker”.  Despite this change, Jannard will remain involved behind the front lines.

The change comes after the recently announced RED EPIC Dragon, 6K sensor, at this year’s National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) conference was announced and is expected to compete in the entertainment battleground against rivals Arri, Sony, and Panavision.

Jannard’s first company, Oakley started off with $300 and put more than 5,000 people to work.  With RED, the viewfinder into the near future is quite stable as well.

According to Engadget, RED’s footing is “quite solid” and it’s results on the screen note its worth, especially as the digital market continues to widen and the surge into Ultra HD propels viewers into the next generation of cinema.  There’s no doubt that there will be an impact on the costs of films in the future.

In 2006, with much thanks to Jannard’s vision, RED transformed how we see films today: the advent of digital cinema cameras – primarily its 4K RED ONE.  Many films, short and features across all genres – including many of this year’s blockbusters like The Great Gatsby, 42, Pacific Rim, Elysium and the Academy Award Winning The Social Network have been Shot On Red.

The Great Gatsby has gone on to gross over $323,812,796 at the international box office.  The Amazing Spiderman, also Shot on RED also has gone on to gross over $757,890,267. And even another RED production, The Hobbit, has gone on to gross more than $1,014,703,568  – that’s over a trillion dollars of art, cinema, and commerce!

While critics may be to blame for this changing of the guard, Jannard has definitely accomplished his mission to transform the entertainment industry.

“With the release of the Dragon sensor… I have finished my mission… I will no longer be the face of RED. Mercifully, Jarred will take my place and he is worthy times forever. Jarred is me… only 30 years younger.” Even as Jannard passes the reins, there is no doubt that innovation at RED are to come.

Source: Orange County Business Journal


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