Short Film Sundae: Encuéntrate

Produced by Miguel Berg

Grab your spoon and dig in as Movienomics.com finds the scoop on Encuéntrate (Find Yourself).

For this segment, we’re getting the scoop from writer, producer, and actress Michelle Rivera-Huckaby, explains how she got her start with her film.  Michelle has also recently guest starred on hit shows like ‘Nashville‘ and ‘Sleepy Hollow‘.

Encuéntrate features some latin ingenuity along with some very strong female performances both on and off camera that make it stand out.  While we hear of many latino directors, producers and talent, you don’t always hear much about the struggles that women in film make on a daily basis.   This film finds itself just that… A latin flavor of cinema from the female perspective.

Among its merits, the film has won the Glory Audience Choice award at the Greenville International Film Festival in 2012 and has gone on to screen at the Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival in New York City – two very different demographics.  Also the film recently landed a licensing deal with Shorts Entertainment Network and will broadcast on DirecTV and ATT U-Verse channels beginning January of 2014.

So what did it take to bring serve up this short? We went straight to the source for our very first VIDEO Short Film Sundae…


Encuéntrate / Find Yourself

We hope you enjoyed taking a few licks from this Short Film Sundae.  Keep that spoon ready for more, but please rinse thoroughly. For Movienomics, a special thanks to Michelle Rivera-Huckaby.

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