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Its the 4th, in Movies

We here at Movienomics take pride in this day, so much pride that we figured time to have a fun post about which movies we think are some of the best ones to watch on this extra long weekend. There are many ways to tackle a list such as this. We could focus on movies […] Continue Reading

Oscar Cam-PAY-ning

As a grandson and a son of people who have been/are in the Motion Picture and Television industry, I have seen from the inside how things tend to work out in Hollywood. I’m going to get right down to it. Jennifer Lawrence is the hottest girl in Hollywood. I am not talking looks here (though […] Continue Reading

Brief Look at China’s Film Market

In the past ten years, China has achieved significant economic development. Taking advantage of the low labor cost, China has kept the low-price manufacturing as its advantage in international business. The overseas market demand helped China accumulate its wealth until 2008 when the economic crisis took place in China’s biggest consumer markets Europe and the […] Continue Reading